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Results Driven Event Programming
Next to baseball, automobiles are considered one of America's most cherished pastimes. Ranking number three in the nation for vehicle registrations, Floridians demonstrate that same affectionate history with their cars. In 1971, the South Florida Auto Show launched its first exhibition and created a stage for the world's largest auto manufacturers to introduce their products to a growing, regional consumer base. Today known as the Miami International Auto Show, the event is currently recognized among the top five auto shows in the nation. Kiskinis Communications has been along for the ride for nearly 25 years.

Recently experiencing some of the worst economic years in the industry's history, the Auto Show faced challenges from both exhibitor and consumer fronts: Manufacturers were downsizing exhibit space and consumers were less likely to purchase a new vehicle. In 2011, the Auto Show decided to change course and shift into high gear. Valuing its established, dependable relationship with the agency, the Auto Show once again turned to Kiskinis Communications for solutions.

Kiskinis Communications has worked diligently during years to effectively position the Miami International Auto Show as one of the nation's largest and premier automotive exhibitions. The agency has better positioned the auto industry in South Florida through its many media partnerships. Their commitment and professionalism is exemplary.

Appointing the agency to manage the most multifaceted program in its history, the Auto Show needed to achieve three main objectives: restore manufacturer confidence for product launches and Tier-1 exhibit displays; enhance event-goer experience and satisfaction through strategic new programming; and propel the conversation among younger demographics through interactive social media channels.

The project spanned Kiskinis Communications' complete wheelhouse. Working with its partners at Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing and Artex Productions, Kiskinis Communications produced a holistic communications program that included branding, advertising, exhibit design, experiential marketing and activation management, signage, satellite event planning, B2B video content and social media. In addition to comprehensive audience-driven tactics, the agency also maintained its regionally-recognized media relations program, attracting influential industry journalists.

Improved manufacturer relationships, new exhibit designs and extensive engagement with show-goers on and off the showroom floor resulted in a 17 percent increase over the previous year. More than 570,000 people attended the 2012 Miami International Auto Show and the event's fan base across social media networks grew to more than 21,000 subscribers (a 740 percent increase). Following last year's show, manufacturers also recognized the changes and responded accordingly: plans for the 2013 edition currently include two North American vehicle debuts.