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may 9, 2015

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KCI Supports 15th Annual Day of Caring

Providing marketing and public relations counsel to worthy causes that have a special place in the hearts of KCI's team members has always been a primary motivator for the agency when giving back to the community.

This year marked the fourth that the agency has offered its services to the Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness, a locally organized day-long event designed to educate, empower and give hope to those affected by breast cancer.

The event, which celebrates the lives of women battling breast cancer, attracted more people than in any of its previous 12 years as the agency arranged for breast cancer survivors to appear on NBC's "6 In The Mix" to promote the event. It also secured stories and key calendar listings in local publications, negotiated an advertising buy with The Miami Herald and arranged for Miami's Community Newspapers to run free ads highlighting the event.

The highlight of the event – and its most popular component – was the exciting "Models for Hope Fashion Show," sponsored by Bloomingdales. However, the models in this fashion show are not your typical runway models – these models, both men and women, are survivors of breast cancer.

"You cannot imagine how the models felt about seeing themselves online in the Herald article," said Ann Kinster, past chair of Day of Caring. "We were never able to get any publicity before and I am sure we would have been unsuccessful again if it were not for you. We thank to you for all of your support."